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For over 20 years, Drexma Industries inc. has specialized in heating, tracing and self-regulating heating cable technologies for residential, commercial, industrial and farming applications. Our products are used for roof and gutter de-icing, snow melting, protection against pipe freezing, and pipe tracing. Heat tracing for piping systems is the premier solution for hazardous trades and locations such as petroleum and gas, mining, chemical plants and others.

In addition, we make radiant floor cables intended for our Drexma-TW uncoupling membrane, which is equivalent to the Ditra-Heat, Prodeso Heat and Warmup membranes. Drexma also manufactures self-regulating heating cables for the following applications: underfloor heating, indoor floor slab heating, snow melting, protection against pipe freezing, as well as roof and gutter de-icing. Moreover, Drexma supplies OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cables to clients in North America and Europe.

Our Business Sectors

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Farming


Based on its expertise in providing engineering solutions for heat tracing and electric radiant heating in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional markets, Drexma Industries inc. sells and supplies heating cables directly to business owners through its three trademarks: Elec-Trace, Elec-Trace Industrial and Elec-Trace Aqua. This method guarantees direct service, which avoids higher costs, thus bringing substantial savings to our clients, among others, electrical contractors, plumbers and tile contractors.

Furthermore, service is faster and more personalized with us, since our own engineers always stand ready to assist you as part of all heating cable projects.

Radiant floor

Snow melting

Pipe tracing

Fire sprinkler system

Tank and vessel heating

Roof and gutter de-icing

Self-regulating cable for hazardous locations

Potable water pipe protection against freezing

Process temperature regulation

Protection against frost heaving

Flow regulation

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