Smart Drexma


Smart Drexmat

The SMART DREXMA is an intelligent radiant heating system.

It is a real alternative to conventional heating systems for commercial, industrial, RPA, SDC, poultry, agricultural buildings, etc. The SMART DREXMA combines two components:


The SMART DREXMA uses MESHS that release 12w/pc and is available in multiple formats that can cover spaces from 33.3 pc up to 692 pc. We can therefore consider heating a building with large areas; workshops, warehouses, showrooms, garages, etc., and smaller sections; offices, conference rooms, kitchen, toilets, passageways, etc. The power supply can be 208V, 240V and 347V.


The SMART of the SMART DREXMA comes from the addition of an energy management system.

The purpose of the management system is to make the most of the thermal capacity of the concrete. The management system ensures that all MESHs are powered simultaneously.

By doing so, the GDP (power demand) is controlled and the power consumption is limited.

Another important point of the management system is to allow the customer to participate in the Hilo program of Hydro Quebec. This program is very generous to participating companies. In fact, the management system has several effects:

a)- It contradicts the false reputation of the very high costs of the electric radiant floor

b)- It makes the higher installation costs profitable with a return on investment of 2 years or less.

c)- It eliminates GHGs and gives access to multiple government subsidies applicable to acquisition costs.


The thermal capacity of concrete is exceptional and is the basis of the effectiveness of SMART DREXMA.

Indeed, it only takes 15 minutes to raise the temperature of a 1” slab by 1 degree centigrade.

In return, it will take 30 minutes for the temperature to drop by 1 degree centigrade.

The results are multiplied according to the thickness of the slab.

For example, a 3” slab will require 45 minutes to heat the slab 1 degree centigrade and 90 minutes for the slab to cool 1 degree centigrade.

In comparison; the heat capacity of the air is lower. For air, it will take 15 minutes to heat the ambient air but it will only take 15 minutes to lose 1 degree centigrade.


The image below clearly demonstrates bottom-up heating efficiency. It is a known fact that heat rises. Whether it is a wall baseboard, a convectaire, or an air heater, it will be necessary to heat the top of the room before reaching our point of comfort. In addition, if an obstacle prevents the air from getting to the floor, for example the underside of a desk, the heat will not get there. We have often seen small portable heaters installed under desks to warm the feet.


Our SMART DREXMA service includes the financial analysis of your project and the calculation of the Return On Investment (ROI).